All of the photos on this page are courtesy of Frog Creek Publications and Video, owned by Ken and Mickey Rabeneck,

who also own Norwood Captain Quirk, the sire of Rose's second litter.  Mickey is a very talented

photographer/videographer and graphic artist.  I highly recommend her for all your photographic and video needs.

Zinger was Mickey's pick puppy from our Quirk X Rose litter.  She wanted a pup that reminded her of

Quirk but a near clone????  We didn't dream that we'd get a puppy that looked -so- much like him! (See below!)

 Quirk and Zing

Zing and Quirk

Photo Above:  Notice that Zing has two

horizontal spots on his left sock while his Dad,

Quirk, has two vertical spots!


Left Photo:  Quirk, on the left, has

darker eyes and one tipped ear.  Zing

definitely has Rose's expression

and lighter eyes.