Goodbye, My Sweet Boy


MACH Patriot's Stormin' Normin

Bred-by-Exhibitor Medallion


(August 8,1995 - March 20, 2008)

 76 Career Titles

TOP 5 Agility Dalmatian - 4 Years

#1/#2 Agility Open/Excellent Dalmatian

 Advanced Titled In AKC, UKC, USDAA, NADAC, ASCA

Conformation, Agility, Obedience, Tracking


Retired at 45 Double Qs  for his MACH3

due to his ongoing battle

with Autoimmune Deficiency


"Starr delivered 8 beautiful puppies one August morning.

When Storm dropped into my hands, I took one look and said, "This is the one!"  And he was!"

One of the finest ambassadors for the

Dalmatian breed that ever lived!  

  Storm loved children, he loved to compete, and was happiest when strutting his stuff to the crowds.  In the later days of his agility  career, I would run to wake him up in his crate, warm him up, let him show how its done, win the class, and then take him back to his crate for another snooze.  He was as steady as a rock and was unflappable, even when kids stuck their hands in between the wire of his crate.  He never raised a lip to anyone or showed the least bit of nastiness...except when a drunk tried to unlock the door to our motel room one night.  One  warning

bark and that was the last of the guy!


He was truly a once in a lifetime dog!