Rose with Burst, Sparkle, Freedom, Glory

and Liberty


Rose X Quirk Litter


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Day 21:  Rose puppies at dinner time (3 Weeks)    Video 1 and Pictures:  

Day 21:  Rose puppies playing (3 Weeks)  

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6  Aug 1st

Video 7  Aug 1st

Video 8  Aug 1st

Video 9   August 3rd

Video 10   August 3rd

Video 11   August 3rd


August 10, 2004:  Update.  We went to the vet this morning for our CERFs.  All the

puppies were so good in the car.  They fell asleep and didn't make a peep

the whole trip.  Of course, Momma was laying right next to the crate.  When we

got to the clinic, all the puppies settled right down and just played in the crate

until we went into the exam room.   Dr. Miller was quite impressed with the puppies -

they kept trying to play with his exam instruments.  A resident intern held the puppies

while Dr. Miller examined them.  The puppies were quite intrigued with what

was going on.  They didn't squirm or object to anything, if fact, just the contrary.

They wagged their tails and seemed to think it was just another opportunity

for play.   Dr. Miller even suggested that I leave Sparkle with him!  She tried to give him kisses!

All the puppies passed with flying colors - all were normal which was good news.



Video 12  August 13th    Freedom 

Video 13   August 13th   Sparkle and Liberty

Video 14   August 13th  Freedom and Sparkle




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   Family Photos 

Here are some photos taken of the puppies at 9 days old.  



Puppy Growth Table for Rose's Puppies


July 7th:  Beginning the Bio Sensor Method Program.  For more information about the Bio Sensor Program go to name is Burst, named, I

 suppose, because I came into the world first

like a July 4th Roman Candle!

I'm a big boy and I have

classic markings with a very thin

streak of white over my head which will

close as I get older.  I can tell you right now,

I love to eat; I'll try anything - even a stuffed duck!

Burst, bi-black male at 10 Days

 I'm Sparkle ...

I'm a black-tri little girl with very clear white

 markings and tan points.  I have classic white

 markings and, with my tan points, I will be

one flashy lassie!

 I can't wait till I get to strut my stuff!!!



I am a very active black tri little boy.

Mom calls me "wiggle-butt" and says I was

 born with wheels.  I was scooting all over the

whelping box before I was 24 hours old!


More Pictures of Freedom

I am a bi-black little girl with the prettiest face!

I am already doing a Border Collie "rooo"

and love to be cuddled.

I have classic markings with a beautiful collar.



 Well finally, here I am!!  I just opened

my eyes and am beginning to

notice all the new toys I have.  I am a

bi-black little boy with a white collar,

white stockings and boots and a cute

little white snip on my nose.