AKC Agility National Ranking: 29th (2006)

 4  HIGH IN TRIALs (Herding)



(2) High Scoring Herding Dog: Ducks/Sheep


Rose Pedigree


Rose: Now an ROMX!!

Rose and litter sister Maddie were the

first ROMX litter sisters in BCSA history!

Great Grandmother: 

      Tillie,  Foundation ROM

Grandmother: Midge, ROMX

Mother: Kellye, ROMX

Sister: Maddie, ROMX

Triple Herding Ch

Half Brother: Evil, CH, OTCH, MACH


Rose In Action


More pictures of Rose


              Agility  Photos


Breeder:  Kathy McHugh

Owner/Handler: Jana Brady

Whelped:  May 5, 1999

CEA/CH: Normal

Color: Red with White Markings

Height: 17.88"   Weight: 33 lbs

OFA (Hips): Good

OFA (Elbows): Normal

Thyroid: Normal   (Mar 5,2004)

CERF: Normal   (Mar 4, 2004)

Brucellosis: Neg (Mar 5, 2004)


    In 1995, after many years with Dalmatians, I decided to begin my search for my first Border Collie.  After closely watching BCs at agility trials, I focused my search for a Border Collie that had good balanced structure, movement, desire, and intensity, but most of all, I wanted to find a BC that came from solid breeding that emphasized stable, biddable temperament. 

    I wanted a dog that had that "on and off" that could pour heart and soul into a job but could switch gears and be just as content stretched out in front of our fire place on a favorite rug.  When I began my search, I didn't realize how difficult it was to find such a dog...but...after 4 years... I found my "Rose".  She has been everything I had hoped to find.  She has become the cornerstone of our Patriot Border Collie.   

     Rose was born May 5, 1999, a granddaughter of Janice DeMello's Juice and Sandra Ladwig's Comeback Pistol Pete, having 21 OTCHs in her direct 4 generation pedigree.  After contacting Kathy McHugh, her breeder, I went to pick Rose up in Chattanooga, TN, sight unseen.  Rose came home on July 4th, 1999 (a true Patriot puppy!).  She is flame red with white markings and is of medium rough coat.  Rose is small to medium build with strong bone and is beautifully balanced.  She measures 17.88" at the withers so she will be jumping in 16" at AKC agility trials.  She has remarkable body sense and drive and can change her gait, speed and direction instantly.  Rose has what I call "quiet, responsive" intensity.  She has incredible eye and drive but she does not allow her intensity to overwhelm her.  She is ready to work night or day but doesn't make an issue of it.

      Rose started her obedience and agility training early but I waited until after her first litter to start her show career.  Her first agility trial was in early April 02, about 8 weeks after whelping her first litter (see below).  She acquired her AKC Novice B Standard and Jumpers titles in 2 consecutive trials with an average time of 35 seconds for a 73 second Standard Course and an average 21 seconds for a 45 second Jumpers course.  She is incredibly fast!  She is a joy to run with because she has such a great desire to work the course.  I describe her as my fire-engine red Ferrari. 

      Rose will be our Border Collie foundation bitch for Patriot Kennels.  Through a very carefully planned breeding program, I hope to perpetuate her qualities in future generations of Patriot Border Collies.

Rose's First Litter (Whelped Feb 18, 2002)

On Dec 17, 2001, Rose was bred to Lock-Eye Bronze, owned by Michelle Weese of  Lock-Eye Border Collies, Westville, Oklahoma. (  Bronze is a very handsome red and white (white and tri factored) herding Border Collie with a loving, happy temperament  and a strong desire to work livestock.  With such positive characteristics of both Dam and Sire, this breeding promised really awesome puppies.  Rose had 5 beautiful puppies 18 Feb 02.  We expected 4 and she surprised us with a bonus puppy!  Mom and pups are doing fine.  Below are some BABY PICTURES and info...


Puppy Weight Progress Chart

Update:  Feb 23  Started each puppy on the "Super Dog Program" of Bio-Sensor stimulation.

For more information on this method of puppy stimulation go to:


15 Feb:

Rose was getting bigger each day.  The puppies were dropping down and it was obvious that they were kicking her.  She tried to play with Storm as she normally does but she would get pretty tired.  She really began to look like she was carrying a basketball around with her, poor thing!



18 Feb:   

 Rose slept all night but woke up about 6 am on the 18th and became very restless.  She began to whine a little (she never does this unless she is anxious).  Then about 7:45 am she began some almost unperceivable contractions.  At 8:07, the first pup was born, very slowly, with a fair amount of contractions. This little female puppy seemed to be quiet but not dull.  She quickly got to the lunch wagon and started nursing.  She didn't seem to mind me helping her get turned around and moving in the right direction. I got the feeling that she might have a quieter temperament like her Mom.

At first Rose didn't know what the #1 Puppy was.  She sniffed it and licked it a bit but seemed a little confused.  She gladly let the pup nurse and settled back to await the next one. 


                  More pictures of Female #1


Puppy # 1 Female   

Birth Time: 8:07 am

Red and white, classically marked

Birth Weight: 319 grams

18 Feb:

The 2nd pup was born with more forceful contractions but still wasn't like to ones I'm used to seeing with my Dals.  The 2nd pup was delivered with his little legs in full motion.  He actually started vocalizing his disapproval almost immediately. Once the cord was cut, he proceeded to climb all over Rose. This little guy already seems to be the "king of the hill".




                      More Pictures of Male #2

Puppy # 2 Male (big strapping boy)

Birth Time: 8:46 am

Red and white, classically marked with wide collar

Birth Weight: 358 grams


18 Feb:

About an hour later, the 3rd pup was born.  This female puppy seemed a little more vigorous than the #1 female puppy and was determined to get to the milk bar post haste. She was much bigger than the #1 female and seemed to have a feisty attitude like her #2 brother.  This is going to be a very pretty girl!




                    More pictures of Female #3



Puppy # 3 Female 

Birth Time: 9:47 am

Red and white, classically marked

Birth Weight: 340 grams


18 Feb:

I couldn't believe it....a gorgeous red tri.  This little boy's coat is a tad more flaxen than the red's.  This guy was the biggest at birth and also "hit the road running".  He seemed to know just which way to go after taking that first breath. He was the first  to make "barking" sounds in his sleep.  After Male #4 was born, I gave Rose a shot of Oxytocin.  She started contracting again and to my surprise......






                  More Pictures of Male #4



Puppy # 4 Male  (Another really BIG boy)

Birth Time: 11:45 am

Red Tri, classically marked

Birth Weight: 417 grams


18 Feb:

.....a very pretty red-tri female popped out. She started making "humming" sounds as she nursed.  She doesn't whimper at all when I pick her up or stroke her but she "hums" sometimes when she nurses.




                   More Pictures of Female #5



Puppy # 5 Female 

Birth Time: 11:55 am

Red Tri, classically marked

Birth Weight: 334 grams


After all the pups were delivered, Rose fell asleep, she was plumb tuckered out...but she was really proud of her babies!  What a beautiful family!


                              Group Pictures


Puppy Weight Progress Chart:      Wgt. in Grams,  Amount Increase,  (Percent increase since birth)
  Female #1 Male #2 Female #3 Male #4 Female #5

At Birth

  Feb 18

319 358 340 417 334
Day 1    Feb 19 334   +15 390   +32 362   +22 482   +65 347  +13
Day 4    Feb 22 450   +116  (71%) 540   +150 (66%) 476   +114  (72%) 607   +125 (69%) 481  +134 (70%)
Day 12   Mar 2 824 980 832 1022 957

DAY 42     Mar 17

5 1/2 WEEKS

1st vaccinations

physical exams

5 lb. 8 oz. 5 lb. 15 oz. 6 lb. 12 oz. 6 lb. 9 oz. 5 lb. 11 oz.