Patriot Hill Farm, Elkton, Virginia

     This is the driveway that comes in by the side of the house    Side porch on the rear east side of the house.  It has a huge porch that looks out to the Blue Ridge mountain range.  The porch overlooks a fish pond in the forefront of the picture.

   This is a view of the yard looking at

the east side of the house and

 driveway.  I am standing

 at the west side of the barn

looking west.

Standing in the pasture to the east of the house, the house in the distance is my next door neighbor.  You can barely see the fence line by the round pen. Standing in the middle of the yard beyond the porch is a 4 stall barn. You can see just a bit of the dog kennel on the left.  The dog kennel is on the fence line that separates the front pasture that you see in the picture to the left.

Panorama of  the house and the front pasture looking west.  The single shed in the field is in the middle of the

front pasture. You can see the front fence line separating the dog kennel and garage on the left and the fence

 line of for the bottom pasture. The shed will be demolished and the front pasture will be the site for my

Standard and Jumpers rings. The small low outbuilding beyond the garage separating

 the garage and the house is the original summer kitchen of the house.  The mountain in the distance

is Massanutten Mountain and Resort where my Dad lives.