Patriot's Lockeye Cafe Cowboy, (Kofi)



(Rose X Bronze)

At Stud to Approved Bitches


     Kofi, (pronounced "coffee"),  is a red-tri, rough coated, and has good strong bone.  He is approximately 20" at the withers.  Kofi is the most affectionate, gentle, easy-going dog I have ever had the pleasure of having.  Even as a baby, he preferred to cuddle and snuggle with me and his human friends over rough-housing with his brother and sisters.

     But...put Kofi in front of an agility obstacle sequence, a herd of sheep or let him play with squirks of water from the garden hose, and he turns into an intense, focused well-greased machine.  He inherited his Mother's (Rose) ability to turn "on" and "off" instantly with a "that'll do, Kofi." 

    Kofi has a beautiful natural flowing jumping style.  He rarely knocks a bar and is very careful to get himself positioned on his approach.  He has a "to die for" ability to wrap himself and stays focused throughout his work. 

    Kofi is known for his love of "dancing", his unique style of the game of tug.  He not only tugs but jumps up in the air, twirls and flips.  Whenever I warm him up for a training session, on-lookers stop and watch his aerial antics.