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Katie X Racer Litter

Born May 15, 2004



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Patriot's Katie X Racer Litter born May 15, 2004.

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Day 20:  Feeding Time Pictures

Day 23:  First Day of Crate Training

Day 26:  I took some individual photos of all the puppies. (Click on the links below).

They all had dried milk in their fur and, if awake, they were in full motion.

  Some of the photos were made just as they were falling asleep,

(they were still enough to get a non-blurred picture! )

Individual puppy descriptions can be found on each individual puppy's page.


6 Weeks (June 26th):   Last Step in Crate Training


7 Weeks (July 2nd):  Our first ---herding--- lesson


10 Weeks:  Puppies Playing

 Video K1

Video K2

Video K3



 12 Weeks:  Puppies Playing

Video K4

Video K5

Video K6

May 15:  10:50 pm First contractions began, first pup born, a female.  Katie had a pup about every 30 minutes until the last was born about 3:00 am

May 16:  Beginning the Bio Sensor Method Program.  For more information about the Bio Sensor Program go to


Puppy Growth Table

     My kitchen nook is my makeshift nursery.  I moved Katie into her new digs a couple of days prior to her whelp so she could rearrange the furniture to her liking and pick out her signature colors, blue of course, same as mine.  She was getting uncomfortable with all the weight she had gained, going from her girlish 33 pounds to a tubby 49.7 pounds that she weighed at the vet's office on May 14th.

     I think she was getting really tired of being so heavy and was just looking forward to having those babies.  Her delivery was tough for her.  Being a new Mommie, she just didn't understand what was happening to her.  During the delivery of her first pup, she tried to climb into my lab, crying and shaking.  After her first pup came, she settled down and took care of her Mommie duties. 

    The last pup was born about 3 am. Boy, both of us were really tired, so I got her settled in for the night and I went to sleep on a lawn chaise at ringside.

    This morning I was amazed at these little pups.  They are really active, plump and scooting all over the place.  By this afternoon, Male #2 was actually trying to raise himself up on his front legs, which I have -never- seen a pup do so soon.  This little boy is less than 24 hours old!!!

    All the babies are bi-black like their Daddy, Racer, but there is one (see pictures below) that I think may be a closet tri. All have classic white muzzles, blazes, and white stockings.  If fact, they all look almost identical!



Female #1 (Staying Home)

"Suttie Lou"

More pictures of Suttie Lou

4 Days Old




Male #2 

Meet "Rivet"

(formerly known as Bubba)

More pictures of "Rivet"

9 Weeks Old



Female #3

(Available to an

established performance home)


Ellie Mae


More pictures of "Ellie Mae"

Click on this link and

scroll to the bottom of the page for

information on this exceptional


9 Weeks Old


Female #4     "Miss Daisy"

"Guess what! - I went on an

airplane ride today with my

new Mommie, Dr. Susan. 

My new name is gonna be

"Pearl" (because I look like

a beautiful black pearl

and because I will have a

new sister named Ruby when I

get to my new home."


More pictures of "Pearl"

7 Weeks



Male #5  "Jethro" (Gone to new home, Now "Splat")

Hello, everybody... I have a new name... it's

"Patriot's KR Sudden Impact"

My everyday name is "Splat" and I'm going

home to live in Massachusetts

More pictures of "Splat"


Male #6

"Caleb" (Available)

More pictures of "Caleb"

6 Weeks Old

I'm sweet and snuggly, playful,

a wild, intense tugger and

I love exploring.  I'm the comic in the litter.

I rumble, tumble, sleep upside down

 and never miss an opportunity to

catch one of my littermates by surprise.