Day 5


Day 1


Ellie Mae (Left) and Bubba (Right)        Day 5

Day 1

Day 26

Day 26

Day 26

Day 26


Ellie Mae has developed into a striking

young girl.  Her ears are in the process

of coming up.  She is very quick, is outrunning

 her littermates and is exceptionally bright.

She has the patience to focus on her activities,

 fully engages in any opportunity

for play and exploration and

is as precocious as Rose was when she

was a baby.  Ellie is already doing sits, downs,

recalls, and always brings me her toys for

me to toss for her to fetch.  Ellie is also

driving ducks around the yard. 

This little girl is definitely a performance

prospect.  I will consider performance

inquiries on her.

Ellie Mae at 9 Weeks