Patriot's RQ Rocket Rider

(Rose X Quirk)




--  Black/White, Red factored)

--  Measured at 19 inches

--  CEA/CL Normal by Parentage,

--  OFA Hips Good  Elbows Normal

    Penn Hip: Ave. 2.6=Better than

          90% of the BC Population

--  Brucellosis Neg.

-- Thyroid Panel Normal

-- CERF: Normal both eyes


Divet is a Rose X Quirk daughter, born

July 4th, 2004 with all the sparkle and fireworks characteristic of her birthday.  She is petit, refined, structurally correct, balanced and athletic.  She knows what she wants and goes about doing everything with a plan in mind.  Like her Mom, Divet has an quick intelligent mind, an honest heart and an affectionate sweet temperament. 


Her favorite saying......

"I thought you said we weren't going

to do this the stupid way"