Patriot Kennels, Elkton, VA, specializes in performance red and black Border Collies and Dalmatians.  Through a very careful and selective breeding program, we strive to develop stable, sensible temperaments with intense working attitudes and sound balanced structure in our dogs.  Our training focuses on a close human-canine bond and relationship emphasizing positive training techniques. The hallmark and mission of my breeding program is to produce structurally sound, safe, stable, sane and sensible dogs that can live easily in both a family setting and as well as work in a tough competitive environment.

    I started training and showing hunter-jumper horses as a teenager.  When dogs became a central part my life many years later, I applied what I had practiced for many years in working with horses to training dogs.   In 1990, after having Weimaraners, I obtained my first Dalmatian, a young female from solid breeding, from a friend who had neither the time or training background to work with her.  She became my constant companion and completely convinced me that the Dalmatian breed was a perfect fit for me.  In 1993 I started "Starr" in Obedience and then in Agility, a fledgling canine sport at the time.  We also did some tracking.

    In 1995, I bred Starr and kept one of her 8 puppies, Patriot's Stormin Normin (Storm), a male, as a conformation and performance prospect.   Unfortunately, even though Storm's conformation career was successful - it was short.  A series of serious infections made it necessary to neuter Storm to protect his long-term health.  Storm went on to amass 73 performance titles and was the second Dalmatian in the United States to earn a Master Agility Champion title.  He also worked as a recognized official Assistance Dog/Service Dog for 2 months after my knee surgery.

    In 1998 I tragically lost my Starr to idiopathic immune deficiency.  She initially responded well to chemotherapy but after 7 months

                                                       relapsed and passed away after fighting the disease.

                                                       Tradically, Storm passed away in 2007 after having achieved 45 Double-Qs and was within 150 points of his Master Agility Champion (MACH 2)

From bottom left to top right:

  MACH Patriot's Stormin Normin (Storm)


  Patriot's Lockeye Red Ruffian (Katie)

  Patriot's Lockeye Cafe Cowboy (Kofi)

  Patriot's Lockeye Red Alert (Pace)

  Lockeye Patriot Radar Sweep (Sweep)

  Norwood KMAC's Red Hot Rocket, MX,

      MXJ (Rose)

   In 1999, I acquired my first Border Collie, Norwood KMAC's Red Hot Rocket, after a 4-year search.  In Feb 2002, she had her first litter of 5 puppies.  Since beginning her agility career she has won 33 of her 38 qualifying runs leading to her Masters Excellent agility titles and is nearing completion of her Master's Agility Champion (MACH) title.  Her average speed is over 5.5 yps! She is truly an amazing girl.  Fast, sensible and sound! 

   Our kennels provide each dog with a very spacious, shady place to spend the day.  Each kennel has a base of about 12 inches of pea-sized crushed limestone with a dog house and an

individual swimming pool for those warm southern summer days.   At night, our dogs have sleeping crates in our indoor air-conditioned, heated  kennels (converted garage which the dogs have exclusive rights to (the garage never saw the car!).