*for herding or other stock work

*also great as an equine target training aide

Quality lightweight stock sticks

made to your custom length.



New Grip/Stick Styles and Colors now in stock



Priced at

$20.00* plus shipping per stock stick,

(*unless otherwise noted)



Our stock sticks are made with high quality grips (lots of colors and styles to choose from)

with slightly flexible lightweight UV Resistant fiberglass shafts for handling comfort...

perfect for working young sheep, goats or ducks on the farm or in competition herding.


I have used the heavy cattle stock sticks sold in feed supply stores and have found them

too heavy, bulky and just too stiff.   I've even tried golf club shafts (too short)

and PVC pipe which is entirely too rigid and ... dangerous.


 Try our stock sticks and feel the difference! 

I train my dogs with mine and I win with mine.


Have a herdsman on your gift list? 

Get a gift that will last for years. 

 How about a custom stock stick/sorting stick?


                       ***2018 UPDATE REGARDING SHIPPING RATES:   UPS is now charging a surcharge for shipping tubes longer than 48". 

                        To ship in a 48" shipping tube, the maximum length of the stick must be no longer than 47.5". 

                                                                    You will get the best shipping rate for stock sticks 47.5" or less.



Order Blank Shipping
How to measure the length Discounts on 10 or more stock sticks


Krista H. with her gorgeous Smooth Coated Collie, Simon,

and, of course, her PHF Stock Stick!


Please Note:

 Now is the time to order your stock sticks for the coming Herding Trial season.  Please allow plenty of time (2 weeks or more) to mail your payment to me if you need your new stock stick by a particular date.   I don't use PayPal or take credit cards, so take into consideration the time it will take to mail your payment via personal check or money order. 

Colors of Sticks:

Looks best with:


Any grip, especially those with white trim.  For the most traditional look, select a black, black crosshatch or grey grip

For a contemporary look, white sticks look great with a Neon color grip

 Dusty Rose


This is a true Dusty Rose colored stick and is not the same shade of pink as on the grips.

This color of stick looks best with the Med. Grey/Turquoise or Black grips.




The yellow stick looks great with the Lime Green, Forest Green or Blue grips.

It is not the same shade as the Sunflower Yellow Grip


Grips - In Stock

Use the Name of the Grip when placing Order

All Grips below priced at $20.00 unless noted below

See New Arrivals:



    Paintball  Imported NEW! Priced $25


   Thunderbolt  Imported NEW!  Priced $25

   Saddle Brown  NEW!

  Blue Green 2-Tone NEW! 

  Purple Blue 2-Tone NEW! 


     PETAL PINK WITH WHITE TRIM  (Has a faint scent of roses)





  Dark Silvery Blue with White Trim



  Medium Grey with Turquoise Trim



  Matte Black Super Grip



  Dark Grey and Bright Pink



  Bright Black Wrap



  Bright Red Wrap



  Bright Royal Blue Wrap



 Textured Silver Gray



  Textured Red



  Textured Orange



  Textured Green



  Textured Royal Blue



  Rich Magenta



  Neon Purple



  Electric Blue



  Sunflower Yellow



  Lime Green



  Forest Green


  Black/White Classic Zee    NEW!


  Black/White Cross Hatch



  Orange Cream with White



  Kelly Green with White



  Black/Red with Silver Trim



  Collegiate Orange



  Collegiate Blue

These imported grips are spectacular!

Sticks with these grips are $25.00


   Tropical Blue - In Stock


  Creme Brule - In Stock




  Ocean Blue - In Stock  NEW!


Colors except Brown/White can be special ordered


  Shocking Pink


  Irish Green