The Kitties of Patriot Hill Farm



 All our kitties are indoor housecats 

 employed to keep the dogs humble

and the mice out of the house.

 All are rescues, found initially as babies in really horrible condition and starving.

They are now home treasures.



This is Betsy. 

Betsy was found one cold morning

in a culvert across the road.  She was lying in cold

water, starved and almost dead.  We didn't think

she would survive.  She appeared to be around

8 weeks old, most likely purposely dumped. 

Today she is a lovely girl with a very

affectionate personality.  Betsy is about 2 years

old now and is spayed.  She is a strictly indoor

kitty.  She is very affectionate and loves to curl

up in my lap in the evenings to watch TV.

She lives in the house, is completely litter box trained and is used to cat-tolerant dogs.