"Singe X "Pace"

Whelped:  June 25, 2010

Intact Male, Red Tri, Rough-Coated

AKC Registered; ABCA, NASDS Eligible

CERF: Developmentally Normal

Vaccinations, CEA Normal by Parentage

       Dak is a big boy.  He is moderately boned and will likely be about 20" - 21" at the shoulder (like his Dad) when mature.  He is a sweet boy having a kind, comical temperament.  He readily shares his food and toys with his sisters and is very easy going.  I have been very impressed at how quickly he learns and appears to be highly intuitive and inquisitive about new situations. For his age, he is quite confident and will try anything.  I think Dak will be a dog with a big honest heart, a sweetie to live with, a determined worker...AND a very strikingly handsome young fellow.




    Dak has Pace's characteristically inquisitive

  expression and comical bubbly personality.  Dak

  loves to play and looks for any opportunity for

  a great game of tug.  In the background,

  Georgia (standing) and Mom Sini (laying down)

  watch Dak's playful antics.


              "I can make my ears go...

    this-a-way...and...that-a-way! "

      Updated Videos Coming !!!