Sweet Caroline

Ohhhh, Caroline

Your first portrait....you goofy girl!

 Caroline is a tad cobbier compared to her

taller, lighter-boned sisters,

Virginia and Georgia.

Caroline is almost identical to the

size, bone and color as

her GrandMa Rose when she was a baby. 

Caroline is full of expression

and as sweet as her name...but

don't be fooled...she is

one determined little girl!



Click here to see Caroline in action!

She is on the right  (the pup with a star

on her forehead) tugging with her brother Dak. 

Notice that she doesn't turn loose of the toy for

over 2 minutes...even when she lays

down.  She ultimately wins the toy!

Virginia is in the foreground (she has a small snip

of white on her nose).  The puppy that has a wide

white blaze and collar is Tex.


Caroline is now

Patriot SP Master Switch (Switch)

and has gone to her new home

 in Tacoma, WA

Welcome to our Patriot family,

Ron and Sherri

Switch and Sherri are looking

forward to herding and agility

when Switch grows up.