Tips on how to measure your stock stick:


**Update:  I have recently had quite a few novice handlers order stock sticks that are way too long.  Use the following height guide:


Handler Height:

up to 5'5":  stick length 45"- 47"

5'6" - 5'8":  stick length:  46"- 48"

over 5'9:  stick length:  48" - 52"  Example:  (I am 5'11" and use a 50" stock stick in the field and a 47" for pen or training ring work).


 Be careful with stock sticks over 50"....they can be hard to use in tight spaces, when working a small arena course or when working poultry.


Stock stick length is a matter of personal preference but a good general rule of thumb is to measure from the floor up to the lower part of your arm pit.  Once you receive you custom stock stick, if you feel it is still too long, you can shorten the end of the stick to your desired length.  Also, check the venue you are competing in as most herding venues have max lengths you can take into the herding field.



Shipping:  Email me your Order Blank and I will send you an email with a shipping and total cost quote.


***2018-2019 UPDATE:  UPS is now charging a surcharge for shipping tubes longer than 48".  To ship in a 48" shipping tube, the maximum length of the stick must be no longer than 47.5".  You will get the best shipping rate for stock sticks 47.5" or less.


*Sticks are usually shipped UPS Ground within 2 business days of receipt of your payment (personal check, international cashier's check or money order only). 


Shipping, unfortunately, is increasing.  I can ship up to 60" and to Canada, but it will be pretty expensive.


Shipping to most US addresses east of Mississippi River: allow  3-5 business days for delivery

Shipping to most US addresses west of Mississippi River: allow 5-7 business days for delivery

*Shipping to a UPS designated remote address will increase your shipping cost.  


The best way to avoid shipping costs is to check with me to see if I will be at a local trial where a friend can pick up your stock stick for you.  If you are on the east coast, I go to trials in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  I cannot bring your stick if I am judging the trial where you are a competitor.


Discounts on Large Orders for registered venue Club Trials:  (AKC, ASCA, AHBA, etc)

To support non-profit clubs that want to purchase stock sticks as prizes for their trials, I offer a bulk discount.  If you are representing a non-profit club, please email me with your club info and what you would like to purchase.  I will be glad to advise you of what I can do to support your club's trial.  Also, if you can arrange a pick up at a trial that I am at, that would save high shipping costs.  I cannot bring stock sticks to trials in which I am a Judge of Record.


For-Profit Business Resellers:  If you own or operate a For-Profit business and want to resell stock sticks to your clients, I prefer not to sell my stock sticks for resale.  My stock sticks are custom made to each individual customer and therefore are not suitable for "off the shelf" resale.