About 20 years ago, I slowly migrated into my herding adventure after many years in agility and obedience.  I went to my local feed store and bought a cattle stick thinking that is... what you use.  That didn't work...too heavy, too stiff, too clumsy.  I tried pvc, rake handles, golf shafts, fishing poles, sticks with just a plastic coating for a handle, etc., and nothing felt right and most made my arm hurt.  So, I started experimenting, making stock sticks from everything I could find.  I wanted something lightweight, something with a little flexibility but with enough substance to stand up to long term use.  Finally after a long search of manufacturers, I found a fiberglass rod with just the right amount of flexibility and stiffness, lightweight and UV resistant.  Then I had to figure out how to fit a golf grip made for golf shafts on to a non-standard size fiberglass rod.  That took about a year of further experimenting.  I discovered a lot about golf grips.  They come in a truck load of different sizes, shock absorbance, balance, texture, feel, etc., so back to the drawing board.  I had to experiment getting just the right amount of build up tape, adhesive, and glue to make sure the grip was well seated and tight.  Once I thought I had it right, I tested several over the next couple of months.  In fact, I inadvertently left one out in the field and found it the next spring when I ran over it with my tractor.  It had been out over the winter, in the sub-freezing cold, snow and ice, and survived well enough that I used it the next year in trials, and still use it in training. 


I started giving my stock sticks to friends for them to try.  They were a hit!   Today I offer custom stock sticks to the herding community because there's nothing much else out there unless you want a custom crook that can be very costly or a standard one-size fits all stick that -doesn't- fit you.   PHF Custom Stock Sticks are reasonably priced, hand-made to your custom specs, and made with high quality grips (lots of colors and styles to choose from) with slightly flexible lightweight UV Resistant fiberglass shafts for handling comfort. 


I can honestly say that I haven't had one complaint.  Over the years, I have made sticks for trainers, handlers, farmers and herdsmen, trial clubs and national specialties, and sent them throughout the United States , Canada and Mexico and well as to Japan and the UK.


Try our PHF Custom Stock Sticks... and feel the difference!